Planning and Assessment

Project: 8 Dawn Fraser Avenue

Alterations and additions to an existing commercial development at 8 Dawn Fraser Ave, including the conversion of the upstairs terrace into an enclosed area, introduction of new formal entrance and access lift.

Job Details

Job Title DA 04-12-2023 - 8 Dawn Fraser Avenue Alts & Adds
Project Type Alterations and additions
Status Assessment

Key dates and other information

Status information development on public exhibition
Applicant information Life Investment Pty Ltd
Development Location 8 Dawn Fraser Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Lot 11 DP1110035
Applicant website www.ribsandrumps.com.au/
Development type Alterations and additions
Application # DA 04-12-2023
Investment value of works proposed $1,163,158.21
Date Application made 22/12/2023
For further information, please contact Town Planner: Rod Sepsot ph 0499 782 893 or via email rod.sepsot@sopa.nsw.gov.au

Exhibition Information (Closed)

Exhibition Start 09/01/2024
Exhibition End 29/01/2024
Exhibition Location DA 04-12-2023