Planning and Assessment

Project: DA 02-05-2023 - Accor Stadium Red Zone

Proposed temporary infrastructure overlay installation within Accor Stadium Red Zone in support of event and non-event day activity conducted at Accor Stadium.

Job Details

Job Title DA 02-05-2023 - Accor Stadium Red Zone
Project Type Temporary structures and
Status Approved

Key dates and other information

Status information development has been approved subject to conditions
Applicant information VenuesLive Management Services
15 Edwin Flack Avenue
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Development Location 15 Edwin Flack Avenue
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Applicant website www.venueslive.com.au
Development type Temporary structures and
Application # DA 02-05-2023
Investment value of works proposed $95,000.00
Date Application made 12/05/2023
Date Application Determined 23/06/2023
Gross Determination Time (days) .
Decision .
File Record .
For further information, please contact Town Planner: Luke Thorburn via email Luke.Thorburn@sopa.nsw.gov.au

Exhibition Information (Closed)

Exhibition Start 19/05/2023
Exhibition End 01/06/2023
Exhibition Location The DA will be made available on the Sydney Olympic Park Authority website for 14 days, from 19 May to 1 June 2023.