Planning and Assessment

Project: Hairdresser - 4A 9 Australia Avenue

Use of this site as a barber shop

Job Details

Job Title DA 04-08-2022 - Hairdresser 11 Australia Avenue
Project Type Alterations and additions
Status Approved

Key dates and other information

Status information development has been approved subject to conditions
Applicant information Zeid Al-Taiff
Sun Engineering Building Consultants
Development Location Shop 4A, 11 Australia Avenue
Applicant website casebc@hotmail.com
Development type Alterations and additions
Application # DA 04-08-2022
Investment value of works proposed $5,000.00
Date Application made 01/08/2022
Date Application Determined 23/09/2022
Gross Determination Time (days) 52
Decision Use of this site as a barber shop
File Record FM
For further information, please contact Town Planner: Rupert Luxton via email rupert.luxton@sopa.nsw.gov.au